Devastating supercut video perfectly illustrates why Biden is president and Trump is at Mar-A-Lago: Morning Joe

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" opened with a revealing supercut showing the stark difference between President Joe Biden's confident leadership and his predecessor's divisive lies.

Biden gave his first news conference Thursday since becoming president, and he gave in-depth answers to the questions that were asked -- in contrast to former president Donald Trump's personal attacks, racist remarks and outright lies.

"Big difference. and you could talk, I think, most importantly, about the tone of it," Scarborough said. "You know, even Trump supporters, by the end, were talking about how exhausted they were by the man, by the tweets. Many voted for him because they were voting against who they considered to be extreme Democrats, but it was yesterday, even if you didn't agree with Joe Biden ideologically on every point, even if you were concerned about maybe his position on some issues, chances are good if you are an American and you were watching that, you noticed a change of tone."

"You actually heard somebody that was trying to bring Americans together, somebody who said, 'I've been elected to be a problem solver, to bring this country together,' as opposed to, again, Donald Trump being extraordinarily combative, a couple weeks in, talking about no president has ever done as much as I -- again, it was just -- it was all about him. It was all a bunch of lies. It was all intended to divide Americans and, well, he divided Americans and he's in Mar-A-Lago because of it."

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