‘Nitwit’ Donald Trump Jr faces brutal backlash for ‘idiotic’ defense of Ted Cruz’s Cancun vacation
Twitter screenshot

Donald Trump Jr.'s attempt to weigh in on Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) public relations debacle after he was busted fleeing frozen and devastated Texas with his family for a luxury resort in Cancun did not go well when the son of the ex-president couldn't get simple facts straight.

While most Republicans are keeping their distance from Cruz -- who is already in apology mode -- Don Jr. felt the need to jump in on Cruz's side and it didn't go well.

"The hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz who have been totally silent on their Democrat Governor's incompetence is telling. My thoughts on the Cancún Cruz fauxoutrage! #Cruz #CancunGate is fake," he wrote -- which led to more than a little confusion over what a "Democrat Governor's incompetence" had to do with the collapse of the Texas power grid and the outrage is fake.

You can see a sampling of responses below: