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Former Watergate Prosecutor Jill Wine Banks addressed the upcoming Tuesday hearings for the House Select Committee investigating the attack on the 2020 election and the violence against Congress. While the Justice Department hasn't revealed anything about whether they intend to act, they have asked the House Committee for the information in their investigation. According to Wine Banks, the worst thing that could happen is if the DOJ doesn't act at all.

"It would be a horrible message," she said of the DOJ if it refuses to move forward. "There's nothing worse than not receiving in this case. The evidence has been obvious for a long time, but it is now being laid out in front of the American public in a way that they've never seen before. The committee has done an amazing job so far to narrate a story without a John Dean [style person] to do it."

A new ABC/Ipsos poll revealed after just two hearings that 60 percent of Americans believe the House Select Committee is conducting a fair investigation. The House Republicans have been pushing to discredit the committee, but according to the polling, it clearly hasn't worked. While Republicans have tried to attack the committee and bring down the GOP members on the committee, 58 percent of Americans agreed that former President Trump should be prosecuted for his crimes.

"John Dean could tell you from the beginning to the end, everybody's wrongful conduct," Wine-Banks recalled. "And they've managed to do it through other people using multiple narrators. It's been very effective. I think the crimes are obvious and the people will be very disappointed [without prosecutions]. I think that the only way may be to get through to some of the people who are on the fence about whether they could continue to support someone like this would be to see a criminal indictment and conviction. They saw an impeachment but they did not see a conviction. That's what I think we have to look forward to."

She went on to say that she thinks there are many crimes that have been weighed in the hearings that aren't just about the violence against Congress. The attempt to undo the 2020 election through all the methods used are all well documented and the case is building against Trump.

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'There's nothing worse than not proceeding' in Justice Department's case against Trump