Michael Cohen slams Trump's $250 million legal fund 'grift': 'He still owes me for legal fees'
Michael Cohen (Photo via Drew Angerer for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Ali Velshi Show" with guest host Michael Steele, former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen ripped into his former employer for amassing $250 million in donations that are supposed to be used for legal efforts aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election that the former president is instead using as his personal piggy bank.

As Cohen told Steele, he's not surprised the funds are being misused since he is still in the midst of his own lawsuit aimed at getting Trump to pay him for legal services rendered.

"You may be forgetting that I was also the vice-chair of the RNC finance committee, despite the fact that I was actually a Democrat," Cohen told the host. "So what do I think? I have watched the Trump grift going on now for more than a decade and they are not going to stop."

"I mean, it is just what he does, and it is sad to see that there are so many people out there that have so much faith in him, after they see exactly what is going on," he offered. "All you need to do is watch the January 6th hearings and you start to see, seriously, what's a menace this man has been, and how terrible that he has treated our country."

"So, you have got this revelation about this entity and all of the money it has raised," host Steele explained. "Trump and his posse raising $250 million for the specific, and very fake defense fund, after the 2020 election. but according to the New York Times, the money went to Donald Trump Junior, and Kimberly Guilfoyle. "

"I am shocked that Donald would allow Kimberly 'gargoyle' to end up with $60,000, or Don Jr. to end up," Cohen replied. "This is his money. I mean the time that you send your money to anything that has his name attached to, it's his money and, as we know, Donald Trump doesn't like to part with a single dollar -- not whether it's for his children certainly."

"As you know, I have a lawsuit pending against Trump for money that he still owes me for legal fees," he added. "Listen, I should call somebody at his defense fund because that money is going to either buy him a new airplane, it is going to pay for some of the fines and liens that he is going to end up probably having on his property after the New York Attorney General finishes with him."

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