Trump supporter believes he won in 2020 because 'everybody that I’ve talked to voted for him'
In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told supporters he would bring back jobs to the depressed steel town (AFP)

Some voters in Wisconsin are certain Donald Trump rightfully won the 2020 election because they don't know anyone who will admit voting for President Joe Biden.

The former president's election lies dominate the state's Republican primary, where GOP candidates range from those who believe the last presidential election was rigged against Trump to those who say the results can be overturned nearly two years later -- although there's no mechanism in state or federal law that could accomplish that, reported the New York Times.

“Everybody that I’ve talked to voted for Trump,” said Cyndy Deeg, a food industry worker from Larsen. “He should be reinstated and resume the position, because he never surrendered it.”

Tim Michels, a construction magnate who has been endorsed by Trump for governor, has promised to consider legislation to decertify the 2020 results, but he is narrowly trailing former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who at first stated that Biden won but now claims the race was rigged, and both are well ahead of Tim Ramthun, the most prominent champion of decertification.

I’m not saying that the passion is imaginary, I’m not saying that the mistrust is imaginary,” Kleefisch said. “I’m saying the idea that you can disavow the Constitution and statutes and do things that are not articulated anywhere in law is a lost cause, and there’s no path that is articulated to do that.”

Kleefisch, who served as former Gov. Scott Walker's lieutenant, said Ramthum and Michels are playing with fire by telling voters they can help put Trump back in the White House before the 2024 election takes place.

“It’s irresponsible to pander,” she said. “You’ve got to tell the truth.”

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