Watch: GOP Senate nominee awkwardly scrambles when asked if she wants Trump's help
Dana Bash, Tiffany Smiley (CNN screenshots)

A fairly congenial interview with the Republican Party's nominee for a U.S. Senate seat representing Washington ended on an awkward note when CNN's Dana Bash asked Tiffany Smiley if she would welcome Donald Trump coming to help her campaign.

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union," Smiley repeatedly attempted to call out her opponent, Sen. Patty Murray (D), when Bash brought up the former president, who Smiley admitted lost to President Joe Biden -- although she ducked using the word "legitimately" when asked multiple times.

That led Bash to bring up the Trump again and ask Smiley if she wants his help unseating the incumbent Murray.

"In March you told McClatchy that you'd welcome former president Donald Trump's endorsement," host Bash prompted. "You said if the president wants to support us, 'that's awesome.' Do you still want the former president's endorsement? Do you want him to come campaign for you in Washington state?"

"Look, Dana," the candidate said after a pause. "Again, this campaign has been so successful, we have a strong grassroots movement because I am laser-focused on the endorsement of the voters of Washington state. If someone from our party wants to endorse me, get behind me, support us, that's great."

Having not mentioned Trump's name, she continued, "I am laser-focused on retiring career politician Patty Murray who has forgotten about Washington state, she cares about Washington, D.C., she fights for Washington, D.C. I will fight for the voters of Washington state. And there are real issues on the ballot. Again, the rising cost of living. Yeah."

"So, do you want the president -- the former -- do you want Donald Trump's endorsement? " host Bash pressed.

"I am laser-focused on delivering results for the voters of Washington state," Smiley repeated while stammering. "I have been clear about that from day one. I am focused on the future."

Watch below:

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