Trump lays claim to 'all of the credit' on GOP midterm wins
Donald Trump (Photo by Brendan Smailowski for AFP)

In a video clip posted to Twitter on election day, Donald Trump admitted he wants to have it both ways should his preferred candidates win or lose once all the ballots have been counted.

The way the former president sees it, he is deserving of "all of the credit for wins" but bears no responsibility if his handpicked candidates flop with voters.

"Well, I think if they win, I should get all the credit. If they lose, I should not be blamed at all,” Trump told the host from obscure NewsNation.

He then complained, "But it will probably be just the opposite.”

He added "when" Republicans are victorious, he will “probably be given very little credit,” before adding, "If they do badly, they will blame everything on me.”

He also took a shot at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) -- a potential 2024 GOP presidential nomination rival, by referencing how he helped the Florida Republican become governor in 2016, grumbling, "I thought that he could have been more gracious. But that’s up to him.”

You can watch the clip below or at this link.