Trump ignored warnings 'Pence is in trouble' so he could watch the Capitol riot on TV: WaPo reporter
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Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday morning, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa was asked to explain what was going on in the White House as the Jan 6th Capitol riot unfolded.

Noting the battle that was going on between Vice President Mike Pence's lawyer and Donald Trump attorney John Eastman over who was at fault for the insurrection that followed the "Stop the Steal" rally, Costa said the former president was unfazed when an aide told him Pence's life was in danger.

"I just want to confirm he was talking during the siege, on the 6th while Mike Pence was potentially hearing chants from the marauders in the Capitol saying, 'Hang Mike Pence?' That's the kind of exchange that was going on as he was literally hiding for his life?" host Witt asked.

"It's not just Eastman who's reacting like that," Costa recalled. "It's Eastman interacting with Greg Jacob, Pence's lawyer, being disappointed by Pence's conduct."

'You also see President Trump," he continued. "Trump, he's in the Oval Office and he's confronted by [National Security Advisor] Keith Kellogg, 'Pence is in trouble over at the Capitol,' and Trump just keeps watching television, as almost an idle person as this insurrection unfolds. And yet Trump, of course, had been very aggressive in pushing Pence in the days prior."

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