WATCH: Trump unspools wild rant about circles and stairs to explain his election loss
Donald Trump. (One America News/Screenshot)

Donald Trump aired his personal grievances and spun election conspiracy theories during a one-on-one interview with the friendly One America News Network.

The twice-impeached one-term president sat down with OAN's Dan Ball on Monday night to claim he would have handled the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan better than President Joe Biden, whose mental and physical fitness he questioned.

"He's taken us out," Trump complained. "No, we could have gone out. We could have gone out with great dignity and saving lives and everything else, nothing to do with it. But [the media are] trying to protect him with that."

Trump went on at length to complain that his occasional difficulty with stairs was covered far more than an instance where Biden stumbled on his way onto Air Force One.

"When he fell up the stairs, fell up the stairs three times, it was not on any program," Trump said. "If that was me, it would have been the biggest story for months, career-ending. It was never on the media, never on mainstream media, his trip. It's okay, you can trip. Gerald Ford tripped, never lived it down. I would go very carefully down the stairs, I don't want to trip. You don't live it down with these people. With him they never put it on."

Trump then went on to repeat his baseless claims about election fraud.

"Why do they protect them, and with Biden, there's nothing -- the people get it, ultimately the people get it," he said. "I got 75 million votes. I had the media totally against my, outside of yourself and a few others, I had the media against me as much as anyone has ever seen. No one has seen anything like it. I had the vicious Democrats, communists socialists, call them whatever the hell they are or they'll impeach you if you sneeze, and just vicious what they do, and I had big tech against me, and I was told you can't win if you have big tech. I had 75 million votes, more than any sitting president has ever gotten. They said he had 81 million, there's no way he got 81 [million votes]."

Trump then claimed he couldn't have lost the election because his rally crowds were bigger than Biden, whose events were purposefully limited to prevent public exposure to COVID-19.

"I'd come into Arizona and draw 45,000 people at a rally," Trump said. "He'd come into Arizona and he had eight circles and couldn't fill them. He had to ask the press -- he didn't ask the press because he couldn't do that, he wouldn't know how -- but the press would be asked to fill the circles, please, because they had no people, and then I was upset in Arizona and Fox called it early when I was leading big. What did Fox know to do that?"

WATCH: Trump unspools wild rant about circles and stairs to explain his election loss