Trump's disastrous interview with Piers Morgan reveals a pivotal fact about the Murdoch family: Morning Joe and George Conway

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and George Conway agree Rupert Murdoch and his family are trying to "destroy the monster" they created by ambushing Donald Trump with a hostile interview with his erstwhile friend Piers Morgan.

The Murdoch-owned TalkTV aired the interview that appears to show Trump storming out in protest, but an audio recording provided by the former president's communications director appears to show the pair laughing and thanking one another for a "great interview," and the Murdoch-owned New York Post hyped the program as "Trump vs. Piers."

"Here is what is fascinating about this," Scarborough said. "You will remember Rupert Murdoch, he is not one of those who sticks around after the parade is over. He doesn't stick around with his arm around somebody and say, hey, we're with you. The Murdochs are quietly -- not so quietly moving closer and closer to [Florida Gov. Ron] DeSantis. People close to them know that they're ready to throw it all behind Ron DeSantis. They're ready to move on from Trump, so even if this didn't go down the way the New York Post, the paper of record of 'Morning Joe,' even if it didn't go down the way the promo suggested it did, it reveals a much bigger tell and that is that the Murdochs are blindsiding Donald Trump. The parade is moving on."

Conway, whose wife served in Trump's White House until August 2020, agreed the Murdochs were trying to hobble Trump ahead of the next presidential election.

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"The Murdochs played a big role in creating this monster, we can hope that they'll try to destroy the monster now," Conway said. "It is just hilarious to watch and it is good television, so maybe this is how Fox [News] is going to get its ratings up beyond what's -- you know, in response to Trump's attacks on them, so I don't know."

Scarborough was struck by Trump's response to some unexpectedly tough questions from Morgan about the election that he lost, telling the talk show host, "You're not real," and Conway offered an explanation for the odd turn of phrase.

"Not just he is bubble-wrapped, he is a sociopath," Conway said. "That's why he doesn't believe what he doesn't want to believe. He declares everything fake and creates his own reality for himself. It's not surprising that he says to Piers, 'I don't think you're real.' That's his way of saying, 'Everything I disagree with, everything I don't want to know about, everything that offends me or hurts my ego is fake.' That's Donald Trump, that's Trump."

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