Fears arise Trump's 2024 presidential announcement will throw the RNC into chaos: report
Ronna Romney McDaniel (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

Donald Trump's imminent announcement that he plans to jump in the race for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024 sooner rather than later is setting off alarm bells at the Republican National Committee because it could have a massive impact on how they raise money and promote all the Republicans running for office.

As Politico's Meredith McGraw wrote, the RNC's policy is to remain neutral when it comes to multiple candidates running for a specific office and, with the former president not currently running for office, they can promote and use him to raise millions in donations and that would come to an end once he officially announces.

Since Trump is currently the biggest moneymaker for Republicans by far, the RNC faces being plunged into chaos if they have to dial back using him as a cash cow -- and that could impact funds that could be used for other candidates.

As McGraw wrote, "Having a former president in the mix for a future presidential run is uncharted territory for the RNC. In multiple interviews, Chair Ronna McDaniel has made clear she and the party plan to remain 'neutral' during the primary season. In a sign of their commitment to not picking sides, the RNC passed a rule to bring back primary debates, giving candidates an equal advantage, and the presidential nominating process remains identical to 2016, among other things."

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"But behind the scenes there have been conversations at the upper ranks about the quagmire presented by a potential Trump run alongside concerns the committee is already too tied to the 45th president," the report continues.

According to one GOP operative who works closely with the former president, "I think Trump looks at the RNC as a wholly owned subsidiary and he should, they are nothing without him. He has all the base and all the money. Neutral — how can they be neutral when he is not simply the main driver but the only driver?”

Former RNC Chair Frank Fahrenkopf claims the RNC is faced with a massive dilemma.

“The job of the RNC is to represent all Republicans who are running for office — all the way up — and in the contested presidential race, they have to remain neutral and not take sides or they are breaking their bonds with the members of the committee,” he explained. "I don’t know what they will do, if for example, there is another candidate that runs and Trump runs again. I think he has tremendous control over the RNC.”

Add to that, McDaniel may have painted herself into a corner, saying in an interview last year, "The bylaws of the party are you have to remain neutral, that’s just the way the RNC’s written.”

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