Trump wallowing in 'frustration and confusion' due to DeSantis' presidential run strategy: analyst
Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis (Trump photo via AFP/ DeSantis photo by Wade Vandervort for AFP)

The refusal of Gov. Ron DeSantis to officially jump into the fray to win the 2024 Republican Party presidential nomination is driving Donald Trump to distraction as his shots at the Florida Republican fail to land because there is no certainty DeSantis will actually run.

According to MSNBC's Hayes Brown, the former president is anxiously awaiting a DeSantis announcement because he needs to start "clearing the field" in the run-up to the Republican primaries.

As Brown notes, in order for Trump's DeSantis battle to begin, the Florida governor needs to jump in the race and let the wars of words commence.

"Here’s the thing: DeSantis isn’t punching. He isn’t even running — yet. DeSantis’ reluctance to formally enter the race has left Trump on the back foot. It has meant his 'counterpunches' are either missing their marks or falling flat. That may change when DeSantis officially tosses his hat into the ring and can’t avoid confronting Trump," the MSNBC analyst wrote before adding, "It’s no surprise, then, that Trump seems more eager for DeSantis to start running than DeSantis is himself."

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As Hayes notes, DeSantis is giving all the indications that he is running with the recent publication of a book outlining his vision for America, along with making high-profile speeches and appearances in key states. But he still has yet to make the leap "much to Trump’s likely frustration and confusion."

That, in turn, has led the former president to attempt to force the issue.

"Small wonder, then, that Trumpworld is stepping up its efforts to draft DeSantis into the race," Hayes wrote. "On Thursday, a Trump-aligned PAC filed a complaint about DeSantis’ 'shadow presidential campaign' with the Florida Commission on Ethics. Make America Great Again Inc. argues that in doing all the proto-campaigning activities, DeSantis may be violating state law, 'because they serve his personal political objectives, are in furtherance of his personal financial gain at the expense of Florida taxpayers, and are intended to influence his official decision to resign from office.'"

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