Jealous Trump fumes after NY Post publishes 'puff piece' on Ron DeSantis
Donald J. Trump speaks during CPAC Texas 2022. (

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Rupert Murdoch's media empire on Sunday after The New York Post published what he said was a "puff piece" about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

In a message posted to his Truth Social platform, Trump called attention to Salena Zito's profile of DeSantis.

"In writer Salena Zito's Fake News' puff piece' about DeSantis, which supposedly appeared in the dying New York Post, which is way down in readership just like FoxNews is way down in Ratings," Trump wrote, "why doesn't she mention that he wants to cut Social Security & Medicare, loves losers like Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Karl Rove, and it getting CLOBBERED in the polls by me."

"DeSantis is a RINO who is trying to hide his past. I don't read the New York Post anymore. It has become Fake News, just like Fox & WSJ!" he concluded.

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Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post are owned by Murdoch.

Zito's profile observed that DeSantis "is giving Trump a run for his money in nearly every national and state poll about a possible presidential run."