Trump's terrible day shows he doesn't have as much power as Republicans think: op-ed

Writing for NBC News, Chuck Todd and Mark Murray and Ben Kamisar contend that Donald Trump "sure had a rough day on Tuesday" as the House's Jan. 6 committee heard testimony from Capitol police who confronted rioters that day.

"Notably, Trump didn't comment on yesterday's testimony (but he did fire off statements on masks, crime and the Ohio-15 special election)," they write. "Then Trump's endorsed candidate in Texas' 6th Congressional District — Republican Susan Wright — lost to fellow Republican Jake Ellzey, demonstrating the limits to a Trump endorsement, even in a low-turnout runoff."

Todd, Murray and Kamisar write that while Republicans have tried numerous way to appease Trump, "they've never tried to marginalize a former president who, it turns out, doesn't have as much power as they think he does."

Trump's "bad day" could get worse now that the Department of Justice says it will not block former Trump administration officials from testifying in the commission.

Trump hasn't commented on the testimony at the Jan. 6 hearing, nor has he commented on Wright's loss.

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