Trump is 'a snake in search of a sewer' in the aftermath of his social media banishment: Jim Acosta
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On CNN Monday, correspondent Jim Acosta elaborated on the damage social media bans like the newly upheld suspension from Facebook have done to former President Donald Trump's political brand — and his self-confidence.

"Not surprisingly, the former president lashed out after the decision, accused the social media companies of decimating the electoral process, apparently with zero irony there," said anchor Anderson Cooper. "After covering this so long, it's kind of exactly what we thought was going to be happening. He is still talking to anybody who will listen down in Mar-a-Lago, repeating these same lies over and over and over again."

"Yeah, Anderson, he's sort of like a snake in search of a sewer these days and he just can't find one," said Acosta. "I talked to a Trump adviser, longtime Trump adviser who still loves the guy even though he feels that Trump lied about the election. This adviser said, this is the right decision the Facebook oversight board made. Obviously, Trump keeps lying about the election and it's already led to violence once. It could lead to violence again."

"In terms of how it's impacting them, this adviser said this is actually worse than losing re-election," continued Acosta. "This adviser said it was similar to having half of his tongue cut out. Just yesterday, they unveiled this new website, this blog that Donald Trump is going to be using. They called it a 'platform,' something, you know, they're trying to make it sound like it's like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter when that's just not the case. It's a blog. And you know, in the words of this adviser, you know, this is something that a sixth-grader could have come up with. They're scrambling and he is struggling to deal with this, no question about it."

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Jim Acosta says Trump is a "snake in search of a sewer" after social media bans