'How stupid our country has become': Trump lashes out in finger-pointing Sunday morning tirade
Donald Trump during HBO interview. (Screenshot)

Using the Twitter account of his spokesperson since he is banned by the platform, Donald Trump issued a wide-ranging finger-pointing tirade on Sunday morning lamenting "How stupid our country has become."

Insisting "BUILD THE WALL" -- his ill-fated pet project that Mexico was supposed to pay for -- the former president listed off a litany of problems he believes are bedeviling the country following his re-election loss to Joe Biden.

In part, Trump's statement claimed, "So sad to watch when just 10 months ago we had none of these problems, and none either with bad economy, inflation, fuel prices going through the roof, and so much else. And never forget, because the Fake News will not talk about it any longer, those needlessly killed in Afghanistan and the thousands of people and the $85 Billion worth of Military equipment left behind in the complete and total surrender by the United States of America," before adding, "Our Country is now a laughingstock all over the world!"

You can see the tweet below: