'I say hell no!': Trump's Truth Social  fans revolt over question of his return to Twitter

According to a report from Business Insider, a substantial number of Donald Trump's followers on his Truth Social platform had a meltdown over the possibility he might return to Twitter at the invitation of new owner Elon Musk.

Since assuming control of Twitter, the controversial billionaire has opened the door to previously-banned former users with Trump being the centerpiece of those he wants back -- likely because Trump's rejoining will increase traffic as Twitter continues to falter and advertisers are staying away.

As Business Insider reports, the former president is already hindered from posting on Twitter due to a contractual agreement with Truth Social where the former president "agreed he wouldn't post on another platform for six hours after the initial Truth Social post," with the report noting the agreement doesn't cover "political messaging."

Beyond that, his followers on Truth Social don't want to see him take his show on the road to Twitter according to a recent poll.

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Business Insider's Beatrice Nolan wrote, "Data shows that many Truth Social users are keen for Trump to steer clear of other social networks. Last month, a poll posted on Truth Social asked: 'Now that Trump is unbanned, should he get back on Twitter?' adding, "Although most of the 452 users who voted in a recent poll wanted him to return to Twitter, a significant number were less keen. The poll ended with 63.9% voting in favor of his return and the remaining 36.1% saying he should stay put."

In comments following the poll, one Trump fan wrote, "Why do people think that he needs to go to Twitter when he's got Truth Social? That's just stupid thinking."

Another was furious at the idea.

User Sherry wrote, " "I say hell NO!" before complaining to Business Insider in a direct message, "They are still banning conservatives."

The report adds that social-media expert Matt Navarra claimed there was another good reason for the former president to stay off Twitter.

"I think that Donald Trump would not want to be the second character of a platform when it's owned by Elon Musk, who is the star of the show now, and I don't think he'll like that pecking order," he suggested.

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