Putin used women to distract and manipulate Trump: former national security advisor

In an interview with the Daily Beast's Molly Jong-Fast for her "New Normal" podcast, former Donald Trump Russian expert Fiona Hill explained how Russian strongman Vladimir Putin used women to distract Donald Trump during talks in efforts to manipulate him.

Speaking with the host, Hill said that Trump admired everything about Putin, seeing him as the kind of leader he wanted to be and setting U.S. interests aside.

"He saw Putin as the kind of epitome of the badass populist, frankly, you know, the kind of person that he wanted to be: super-rich, super powerful, no checks and balances, and essentially being able to stay in power forever," Hill explained.

By way of describing how Putin put his years of KGB training to use, Hill claimed he found it easy to manipulate the former president by having beautiful women on hand to distract him.

In one case, Putin selected one specific woman as their interpreter and made a point of introducing her to the former U.S. president.

"Putin made a big point, a big show of introducing Trump to the interpreter," Hill told Jong-Fast. "Here's a really pretty woman. She's also a brilliant interpreter, but it was clearly meant to get Trump to look at her and not to be paying attention to what Putin was saying,"

You can listen to the podcast here.