Jimmy Kimmel: Trump may be brought down ‘by a roll of Scotch tape’ after Eric ‘ate all the glue’
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

Jimmy Kimmel weighed in Tuesday night on a report that some of the White House records turned over to the House Jan. 6 committee had been ripped up by former president Donald Trump — before being taped back together.

"So you know how Trump had to hand over all his records related to Jan. 6," Kimmel said during his monologue on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! "Well, when they finally handed them over, many of them had been torn into pieces and had to be taped back together. They'd been personally ripped up by Trump. The National Archives didn't explain how they know they had been ripped up by Trump. My guess is, tiny little barbecue sauce fingerprints."

"Apparently, he used to do this a lot," Kimmel added, referring to reports that Trump had a habit of tearing presidential records into shreds and tossing them on the floor, in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

"He was under the impression that the documents couldn't be put back together because his son Eric ate all the glue at the White House," Kimmel quipped. "Trump had such a habit of ripping up important documents, they had to hire people whose job was to tape them back together. I love that Robert Mueller couldn't get him, but Trump might finally get brought down by a roll of Scotch tape."

Kimmel then played a clip of Trump attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for tearing a copy of his State of the Union speech in half. "It's an official document," Trump railed. "She broke the law!"

"So did you, I guess," Kimmel said.

Watch the full monologue below.

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