Mary Trump explains why her uncle's mental health is 'deteriorating'
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

In an interview with The Daily Beast's Molly Jong-Fast, Donald Trump's niece explained that the daily drumbeat of revelations from the House select committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection is likely taking a devastating toll on his already "deteriorating" mental state.

Psychologist Mary Trump explained that her uncle, due to his narcissistic personality disorder, is unable to deal with the constant criticism in a forum where he can't fire back and that he is likely making the people surrounding him miserable as the hearings continue.

Mary Trump pointed out that it is highly likely that he is obsessed with the hearings and told host Jong-Fast that his mental issues are “serious and they’re deteriorating. Any serious illness that's not treated gets worse over time."

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She added, "He is addicted to being at the center of attention. I’m sure he’s as riveted by these hearings as we are, but in completely different ways. And for him to feel that the focus is shifting away from him or that he’s losing power will make things even worse because he won’t confront that and process it and deal with it. He will bury it and therefore worsen his situation.”

As for those who tend to his daily needs, she claimed they are probably miserable having to be around while also conceding that they have brought that on themselves for not walking away.

"I can only imagine what it’s like to be anywhere near him right now. I'm sure the temper, the out-of-control narcissism must be just unspeakably difficult for people around him to deal with," she told the "New Abnormal" host before adding, "Not that I have any compassion for any of them at this point, but yeah, it’s only gonna get worse from here.”

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