Fox News guest attacks 'nasty' Meghan Markle: Baby's 'skin color' worry was he might be a 'ginger'
Fox News/screen grab

British journalist Douglas Murray made an appearance on Fox News to attack Meghan Markle by arguing that the true concern over her baby's skin color was that he might be a "ginger."

Murray told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade that Markle was "mostly likely just lying" about her battle with suicidal thoughts.

"And for that, now Piers Morgan has lost his job," he asserted.

"He stood up for himself, is that what's got to happen?" Kilmeade wondered.

Murray suggested that the United States is at fault for infecting Britain with "woke" culture.

"A set of bullies with a very nasty ideology are pushing their way into everything in American life and now in British life," Murray said. "And what Meghan Markle said was so nasty and insinuating and destructive."

"She said somebody in the royal family said something about the possible skin color of their baby," he continued. "This could be a totally innocuous remark, just to say, 'The father is ginger. I wonder whether the baby will be ginger.' It's perfectly possible that somebody said something along those lines to Harry or Meghan at some point."

"She tells Oprah Winfrey that this is racism!" Murray complained. "No way is that racism! But she says it is and now the royal family is racist and so this claim, this way in which bullyish people in America, who have very nasty agendas, are trying to push their agenda into everything in American life. They've now done it at the heart of British life."

Watch the video below from Fox News.