Dr. Oz allies busted for attack ad filled with lies about one of his opponents
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According to a fact check by CNN, a super PAC backing Dr. Mehmet Oz's outsider attempt to win Pennsylvania's Tuesday primary and become the GOP nominee of the U.S. Senate in November is grossly misrepresenting the positions of one of his opponents who is surging in the polls.

This past week saw the emergence of far-right GOP candidate Kathy Barnette who has turned what was a two-person race into a three-way battle for the coveted nomination.

According to KFile editor Andrew Kaczynski and CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, the ad from American Leadership Action is full of lies about Barnette being soft on crime while at the same time indulging in some racist dog whistles.

As they wrote, American Leadership Action is endeavoring to paint the conservative Barnette "as a crazy" advocate of liberal positions. To do so, though, the super PAC misleadingly truncated Barnette's past comments about race and policing and added inaccurate introductions to these shortened clips."

Case in point, they note, the ad "shows a clip of Barnette, who is Black, saying, 'Black Americans feel disenfranchised.' After a quick cut, the ad shows her saying, 'Systemic racism. Specifically among police officers.'"

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Not so fast, the CNN analysts wrote, adding that she was instead making the case against street violence, which her comments made apparent as she elaborated, "For example, many are saying today that what we are experiencing -- what happened to George, George Floyd -- is systemic racism in our justice system, specifically among police officers. They would have us to believe that there is a police officer like Officer Chauvin, who had his knee on George Floyd's neck, around every street corner. And that everywhere we go, there is a police officer waiting to shoot a Black man. I reject that. And I don't reject it because I feel like that's not true. I reject it because it is -- statistically is not true."

Pointing to a clip in the ad where she complains, "The reason for so much unrest in the Black community is because of White racism," CNN found the truncated clip to also be misleading.

"Barnette's comments were a little vague. But the book she authored and was promoting in the video -- called 'Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America' -- made clear that she does not think 'White racism' is the cause of current unrest. She argued in the book: 'Welfare policies of the 1960s, not racism or a lack of jobs or the legacy of slavery, is the cause of the dysfunction in black communities,'" they wrote before adding, "And in the book, Barnette explicitly and repeatedly criticized Black Lives Matter."

The CNN report adds, "The primary takes place on Tuesday. The super PAC did not respond to a request for comment on Friday."

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