Analysis of Dr. Oz fundraising emails reveals abject 'panic'
Mehmet Oz (G Holland /

The Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger recently took a look at the multitude of emails and text messages that Dr. Mehmet Oz's Senate campaign is sending to supporters, and he concluded the vast majority are filled with panic about the state of the campaign.

Sollenberger notes that Oz has spammed out at least 23 different fundraising emails just since this past Monday, and nearly all of them paint a dire portrait of Oz being outraised, outspent, and out-polled by Democratic opponent John Fetterman.

"Democrats are STILL MASSIVELY outraising Republicans," read one typically panicky email, which also informed supporters that "Democrats are FLATTENING Republicans in Senate races across the country."

Multiple emails contain the message "DR. OZ IS BEHIND" and then show supporters polls showing Oz trailing Fetterman.

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Many emails also depict the Oz campaign of being massively cash-strapped every month.

"Fundraising texts from the primary have said that Oz missed fundraising goals for February, March, and April," writes Sollenberger. "After the primary, texts have claimed the Oz campaign has come up short for deadlines in May, mid-July, July—somehow with only “$4,328” to go on July 26—and August. In a message last Tuesday, Oz complained he’s been missing his goals 'over and over again.'"

Current polling averages aggregated by FiveThirtyEight project that Oz is now losing to Fetterman by an average of six points.