John Fetterman trashes Oz at rally with women: Abortion advice should come from 'real doctor'
John Fetterman pictured in 2019.. - TIM TAI/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was out on the campaign trail over the weekend and he made a pitch to voters to trust women over his Republican opponent.

Speaking to a crowd in suburban Philadelphia on Sunday, Fetterman explained, "women are the reason we can win" but he then corrected himself, saying "women are the reason we win." Pennsylvania has become another state in which the liberty and freedoms of women have been questioned by Republican candidates.

Fetterman's opponent, Mehmet Oz took an ultra-conservative approach saying that life begins at conception, which isn't typically an opinion most Republicans have been willing to take. Such a rule would restrict access to IUDs and other forms of birth control that prevent implementation. Oz, a heart surgeon, has never revealed anything about his experience in a residency or medical school and whether he served as a doctor for an endangered pregnancy.

"I know this has been said earlier, but I want to say that again, don't piss women off," he said to cheers from the audience. "Let me ask you another question, this decision should be made up to Dr. Oz? Or to a woman and a real doctor?"

Oz has been questioned for the past several years after pushing a line of weight loss drugs that proved to be no help to actually losing weight. He was called in front of a hearing to answer questions from congress about it and settled lawsuits over it. He's been under attack as a "quack" ever since. Oz also pushed hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 remedy despite near-universal condemnation as having no impact on the virus.

Fetterman's appearance at the rally helped calm concerns about the impact of a stroke he had in the early summer. There were accusations from the right that the stroke was far worse than Fetterman was letting on, with even Dr. Oz poking fun at his health. Doctors don't typically diagnose people by looking at them on television, but Oz falsely claimed that Fetterman wouldn't debate him this month.

Fetterman said he would not participate in the KDKA debate because Oz's campaign had a series of "concessions" like they would "pay for additional medical personnel [Fetterman] might need on standby."

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) went further, saying, "If John Fetterman were elected to the Senate and he was not able to communicate effectively, if he's not able to engage with the press, if he's not able to engage with his colleagues, he would not be able to do the job."

Oz swore that their attacks on Fetterman were "empathy."

Fetterman proved that the Republicans' lies were absurd during the appearance, making it clear he had no problems taking shots at Oz from the stage.

See the video of Fetterman below or at the link here:

Fetterman calls out quack doctor Oz in Sunday rally