Intoxicated off-duty Miami cop caught on video punching parking machine
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On Monday, the Miami New Times reported on Miami Police Sgt. Thomas Murray, who was caught on surveillance footage at a Hampton Inn drunkenly punching a parking machine that wouldn't let him pay.

"Around 4 a.m. on August 28, 2021, an off-duty, inebriated Miami Police Department (MPD) sergeant arrived at a Hampton Inn following a night on the town and was attempting to pay for parking inside the hotel lobby when he ran into a problem: The automated parking machine was glitching," reported Alex DeLuca. "Accompanied by a woman sporting heels and a nude bodycon dress, Sgt. Thomas Murray attempted to enter his information into the device, then drilled his fist into it before taking an elevator to the parking garage, where the woman, who he later said he knew only as 'Jessica,' exited in Murray's unmarked police car."

"The scenes were captured on surveillance cameras and preserved for posterity on clips recently released to New Times by the Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), an independent board that reviews complaints of alleged police misconduct on the part of MPD," said the report. "'Sergeant Murray appeared to be unsteady and braced himself against the machine with both arms. Sergeant Murray punched the screen after he attempted to pay for parking but was unable to do so,' reads the CIP's summary of its investigation."

"According to MPD's internal affairs investigation, the Hampton Inn's director of safety notified Miami police of the incident and submitted an invoice for $1,432 to repair the damaged machine," said the report. "MPD's review of the surveillance footage found that the parking machine screen went white after Murray 'struck it with a closed fist' and 'jabbed it several times with his finger.'"

Police in Miami have often made national headlines for strange incidents.

In one other recent report, a Miami police union boss, Sgt. Tommy Reyes, was suspended after pulling his gun on his Grindr date, who he suspected of stealing his wallet.

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Surveillance MPD Sgt. Thomas Murray Punches Parking Machine 2021