‘Why was he employed there?’ Kitten-killing security guard pulls knife on mall walker
Edmund Cunningham. (WLWT/Screenshot)

An Ohio security guard previously convicted of animal cruelty was recorded on video pulling a knife on two women exploring a nearly empty shopping mall.

Mary Chambers and a friend went to explore the mostly empty Forest Fair Village mall in Forest Park, where they apparently angered a security guard by taking photos of the dormant retail spaces, reported WLWT-TV.

"It's a really nice place -- it's just sad, eerie, you know," Chambers told the TV station. "I think that I made a very huge risk going to that mall with that man inside there."

The women recorded their encounter with Edmund Cunningham, who was convicted on animal cruelty charges in 2018 after Middletown police said he admitted to killing eight kittens and putting them in his freezer.

"Oh yeah, try to block the license plate, b*tch," Cunningham says in the video.

The women tell Cunningham they're not doing anything wrong and ask him to get away from their car after leaving the mall.

"I'll crush that f*cking phone out of your hands," Cunningham says.

Cunningham, who was later charged with aggravated menacing, told police that his paranoia resurfaced after running out of medication, and he claimed the knife was not real and only for training purposes.

"Why was he employed there?" Chambers asked. "They have to know that he had done what he done in the past."

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