WATCH: Trump spews election conspiracies over Ivanka’s phone at Miami food giveaway event
Ivanka Trump speaks at rally in Milton, Georgia. (YouTube/screen grab)

First daughter Ivanka Trump on Tuesday tried to take part in a charity food giveaway hosted by the King Jesus International Ministry in Miami-Dade County, but she still couldn't escape her father's angry rants about losing the 2020 presidential election.

Video posted by WPLG Local 10 reporter Saira Anwer shows Ivanka at the event putting her father on speakerphone so that he could presumably thank the volunteers for their work in feeding hungry Floridians.

However, things quickly went off the rails as the president continued to make false allegations about his defeat in the 2020 election.

"They dumped hundreds of thousands of ballots, it was a rigged election!" the president fumed. "We got 75 million votes that's the most ever by a sitting president!"

People at the event politely nodded and applauded the president as he continued his rant.

"We're fighting very, very hard!" the president said.

Watch the video below.