Trump is headed for a 'legal blowout' at hands of January 6 committee: CNN legal analyst
Sarah K. Burris

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," former federal prosecutor Elie Honig said that the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack are poised to win a major court victory in their fight with former President Donald Trump to obtain White House records.

"You've gone through these new filings," said anchor Poppy Harlow. "How strong are the arguments?"

"Poppy, the stakes here are enormous," said Honig. "That said, it doesn't mean this is a close case. This is really a legal blow out in favor of the committee and against Donald Trump. We've already had rulings in favor of the committee from the federal district court and unanimous three judge panel on the court of appeals. The arguments that got made in today's brief were the same ones that won below."

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"First on executive privilege, the argument from the committee is we have Congress and the current president who agree no executive privilege here," Honig continued. "The former president has no basis in this case to overturn that. Then the second big issue is this question of legitimate, legislative purpose. The committee says, look, we're Congress, we know whether we have a legitimate legislative purpose. We are looking at changing various laws. Trump doesn't have any comeback other than, 'We don't believe them, we think they have bad motives.' That is not going to carry the day legally."

"A couple other interesting points about the new brief," added Honig. "The committee confirmed they will be holding public hearings this year, confirmed they'll be issuing a report and show clearly they understand they are on the clock and only have a year to get this done."

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Elie Honig says January 6 Committee will win their legal battle with Trump