Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood says his plantations were 'go-to spot' for election conspiracy meetings: report
Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood. (Fox News screengrab)

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood reportedly hosted numerous election conspiracy strategy meetings at his South Carolina plantations in 2020.

The meetings at Wood's massive properties included fellow Trump "Kraken" lawyer Sidney Powell, former Trump national security advisor Mike Flynn, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, and Doug Logan, the CEO of cybersecurity firm Cyber Ninjas, CNBC reported Thursday.

"Wood told CNBC that Powell asked him following the November election to see if she and her team could use his South Carolina property known as the Tomotley Plantation in order 'to do work on the election cases,'" CNBC reported, adding that Wood reportedly purchased the plantation for $7.9 million plantation last year. "Tomotley, a property with over 1,000 acres, used slave labor from the 1700s through the 1800s when it primarily operated as a rice plantation, according to a South Carolina plantations history website."

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Wood told CNBC: “They set up in my living room and one of the sunrooms. They looked like election central. They had computers. Whiteboards. They were working."

CNBC noted that Wood's decision to reveal that the meetings were held at his plantations "comes after the Daily Beast reported on a growing feud between himself, Flynn and Powell."

During the November 2020 meetings, Powell reportedly stayed overnight at the home of one of Wood's friends. But Flynn "took up residence" at Wood's other nearby property, Cotton Hall, which is also a historic plantation.

“Flynn was here on Thanksgiving because he carved the turkey when we ate over at Cotton Hall,” Wood said.

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