'Always selling us a lie': Tech journalist buries Elon Musk in brutal takedown
Elon Musk (Photo by Jim Watson for AFP)

Technology journalist Paris Marx has written an essay for Time Magazine in which he punctures the myth that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has built around himself as a bold visionary leading humanity to grand future.

Marx starts out by looking at the missteps made at Tesla, where he charges that Musk has vastly overhyped the safety of his cars' "autopilot" feature.

"Tesla’s customers are also being put in harm’s way. Its vehicles have slammed into highway medians, emergency vehicles, transport trucks, and more, while using its supposedly self-driving Autopilot feature," he writes. "Musk continually misleads the public about how safe and capable the system really is, even as the U.S. traffic safety regulator is poised to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles."

And, writes Marx, Tesla has been incredibly successful compared to other ventures such as the Boring Company that was supposed to be providing an alternative to publicly funded transportation in municipalities across the United States.

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"The Boring Company was supposed to solve traffic, not be the Las Vegas amusement ride it is now," he argues. "As I’ve written in my book, Musk admitted to his biographer Ashlee Vance that Hyperloop was all about trying to get legislators to cancel plans for high-speed rail in California—even though he had no plans to build it."

Commenting on his Time essay on Twitter, Marx writes that Musk has "always been selling us a lie, and nothing shows that better than his fake transport projects."