Elon Musk shoots down New York Post story that Trump pushed him to buy Twitter
Elon Musk has lined up enough financing to take his hostile Twitter takeover bid to shareholders, according to a securities filing (AFP/Olivier DOULIERY)

This Thursday, the New York Post published a report that cited GOP lawmaker-turned Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes, who claimed former President Donald Trump encouraged Musk to purchase Twitter.

But the claim got a fact check from Musk himself.

“President Trump, basically before Elon Musk bought it, actually said to go and buy it because the goal of our company is really to build a community where people are in a family-friendly, safe environment,” Devin Nunes said during an appearance on Fox Business Network.

The story was posted to the Post's official Twitter account on Thursday, but on Friday morning, Musk chimed in on the comment section, saying the claim is completely false.

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"This is false. I’ve had no communication, directly or indirectly, with Trump, who has publicly stated that he will be exclusively on Truth Social," Musk wrote.

On the same day, Musk disputed another viral claim, this time from a self-described "parody account" which claimed Musk's "team" tried to hook him up on a date with singer and actress Sky Ferreira.

"I didn’t ask anyone out or request particular seating," wrote, later adding, "This rumor originated from a parody account, but got picked up by real media & twitter trends (sigh)."