Proud Boys leader says ‘never back down’ as he turns himself in to begin 5-month jail sentence: report
(Screenshot via The Oregonian/

Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio is planning on turning himself in on Labor Day, WUSA-TV reports.

Tarrio was sentenced to 155 days in jail after burning a "Black Lives Matter" banner following a December rally by Trump supporters pushing the "Big Lie" of election fraud and a weapons charge.

Tarrio released a defiant statement.

"I am not worried and feel at peace with what I must do over the next five months," he wrote.

"Keep protesting, keep holding power to account and never back down. They want to kill you, our patriotism, and cause the total erasure of our culture," Tarrio claimed.

He said a "Tarrio Family Support Fund" had been started and said he would have a memoir, American Warlord, would be released early in 2022.