'Snitch' Proud Boys leader faces backlash from some followers over his past as FBI informant
(Screenshot via The Oregonian/YouTube.com)

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is facing a backlash from some of his followers after newly uncovered court documents showed that he in the past served as a "prolific" informant for FBI investigations.

Via Twitter account @parlertakes, Tarrio posted an explanation on his Telegram channel called "Enrique's House of Propaganda" in which he detailed his past work as an informant and insisted that he was no longer working with law enforcement to snitch on his fellow Proud Boys.

"The article sensationalizes the fact that in this case there was some heavy cooperating," he wrote. "I have addressed this before in podcasts and other interviews I have done. My case had multiple defendants that were and are still friends minus one that recently passed away. We worked with the prosecutor to tell her the details about all of our roles."

While most of Tarrio's followers sent him supportive messages after his explanation, some others angrily denounced him for working with law enforcement in the past, which they said was evidence that he could not be trusted to lead the Proud Boys now.

"Only a snitch would write a 10 paragraph post saying they're not a snitch," wrote one follower. "This snitch worked with the feds. This phony traitor should step down."

"This man is definitely an informant and he is playing you all," wrote another. "He set the trap for patriots to be labeled domestic terrorists. Open your eyes!!!"

"Once a rat, always a rat," wrote another.