'Epic stupidity': Mark Meadows slammed for latest defense of Trump's alleged destruction of White House records
Gage Skidmore.

In his column for the Washington Post, Greg Sargent called out former Donald Trump chief of Staff Mark Meadows for attempting to dismiss reports that his former boss destroyed official White House documents.

As Sargent notes, Meadows went to the conservative network Newsmax where he was asked about the accusations levied against Trump, and then proceeded to compare the allegations to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ripping up one of the former president's State of the Union speeches on national TV.

Pulling no punches, the columnists lambasted the "epic stupidity" of the former lawmaker's glib remark.

"You will recall that what speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ripped up in Feb. 2020 was a copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address, after he had already delivered most of it to the nation. Pelosi’s act in no sense denied the public information, whereas withholding presidential documents very well might, and might also break the Presidential Records Act, a law," he wrote before noting that, worse still, the Newsmax host didn't "bat an eye" or push back at the obvious absurdity of the answer.

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"Viewers of this interview only learned that Pelosi ripped up some kind of document in some vaguely nefarious way — and that the media gave her a pass for it. Learning what that document actually was might have challenged that impression," he explained. "Because mainstream media properly represent all sides of a story, Republicans can inject all manner of unsupported claims to muddy the waters around Trump’s transgressions, and around their own hypocritical treatment of them."

According to the columnist, the mainstream press is complicit in letting the Republicans get away with lying or creating spin to help Trump and that Meadows is getting away with it.

"Meadows’ nonsense about Pelosi provided a diversionary moment of low comedy," he summed up before warning, "But the underlying dynamic it reveals is a major problem that risks skewing public understanding. And there’s no sign Democrats have an answer to it."

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