Eric Swalwell drops an expletive on CNN while calling out 'marauding goon' Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, on CNN. Image via screengrab.

On CNN Saturday, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tore into Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for lying about a dispute between him and one of her aides over wearing masks.

"You just heard her say a few moments ago her aide politely said something to you, like you were friends and you go way back," said anchor Jim Acosta. "Tell us what happened?"

"I was leaving the House floor," said Swalwell. "You're still required to wear a mask on the House floor. And frankly, Jim, I just forgot to take my mask off when I came out of the building. I love having my mask off now. And Greene's aide said, 'Take your mask off, Congressman.' And I kept walking past. And I thought, you know what, I'm tired of this sh*t, these marauding goons who are going around trying to bully my other colleagues. So I went up to him and asked him who he was, and I said 'Don't tell me what to do' with words you can't say on CNN. And predictably he went speechless."

"This is not the way it works around here," added Swalwell. "I've worn a staff badge and I've worn member pin. And when I was a staffer, I would never talk to a member of Congress like that. My staffers tell me all the time they would love to speak with Marjorie Taylor Greene and tell her what they think of her policies, but there's still decorum and respect, and I think people are just losing patience with Greene."

Watch below:

Eric Swalwell slams "marauding goon" Marjorie Taylor Greene for mask confrontation