'They stopped believing in God long ago!' Eric Trump drops bizarre pre-Christmas attack on Democrats
Eric Trump (MSNBC)

On Thursday, in an interview with the right-wing site American Faith, Eric Trump attacked Democrats, claiming that they are determined to destroy American traditions and faith.

"I'm telling you, there's nowhere like the United States of America," said Trump. "Now, you do have a party that's hellbent on trying to kill our ways of life. They're trying to kill our traditions, they're trying to kill our history. They're trying to tear apart the fabric of this country. They stopped believing in God a long time ago. They stopped believing in family values a long time ago. And those are all things that, frankly, made America America and made America great."

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This comes a week after former President Donald Trump gave a Newsmax interview where he credited himself for bringing back the phrase "Merry Christmas."

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