Trump family blasted for appearing alongside 'a modern-day version of Hitler’s American friends'
Eric Trump, son of presidential candidate Donald Trump delivering speech during the Republican National Convention in the Quicken Arena. (mark reinstein /

Donald Trump's second-born son is reportedly among right-wing figures scheduled to speak at Mike Flynn's "ReAwaken America" event in Miami, where he will be joined by Christian nationalists and those who promote anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

Eric Trump, who recently threatened to sue Rachel Maddow for highlighting his appearance alongside anti-Semites at an event at Trump National Doral in Miami, isn't the only big Trump world name to appear, according to Miami New Times.

"This weekend, throngs of Trumplandia figures — including Eric Trump, Alex Jones, Mike Lindell, and Roger Stone — are slated to pour into South Florida and join forces at the four-star Miami resort as part of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's 'ReAwaken America' tour," the outlet reported Wednesday. "Scheduled for May 12-13, the conspiracy-addled event promises to be a marathon affair packed with far-right figures, election deniers, and purveyors of QAnon narratives, featuring talks on topics that include 'Why Dr. Fauci Needs to Be Fired and In Jail,' 'Jeffrey Epstein 101,' and 'Are COVID Vaccines Now Being Put Inside Our Food?'

Miami New Times further reported on those who would be joining Eric Trump, including those who promote conspiracy theories based on antisemitic tropes and purported satanic ties.

"Listed on the event lineup along with Eric Trump and his wife Lara are Scott McKay and Charlie Ward, both of whom promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and preach to their followers that the world is being run by Satanic elites, a narrative similar to the QAnon conspiracy theory," it says. "As the website Media Matters for America reports, while Ward and McKay have not attained the notoriety of Infowars conspiracy don Alex Jones, they've carved out significant followings while refining their own brand of fiery rhetoric, largely centered on a fanatical narrative that Christians are at war with demonic world leaders"

Responding to the event, conservative columnist S.E. Cupp blasted the Trump family. She noted that Adolf Hitler had a number of supporters in the United States, who were profiled in a 2018 award-winning book by Bradley W. Hart called "Hitler’s American Friends."

These supporters included German-Americans who joined a group called the Bund, William Dudley Pelley's Silver Shirts, and right-wing radio host Father Charles Coughlin.

"Perhaps even more unimaginably, today we have a modern-day version of Hitler’s American friends," Cupp wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Eric Trump, Lara Trump, former California Rep. Devin Nunes, former Trump advisors Peter Navarro and Mike Flynn, My Pillow guy Mike Lindell and convicted felon Roger Stone may not actually call themselves Hitler’s American friends," she added.

"But they are, as of today, happy to appear alongside some self-avowed antisemites and Hitler promoters at an upcoming stop on the 'ReAwaken America' tour."