'National embarrassment': Eric Trump lashes out at Scottish parliament for investigating family golf properties
Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. at the family’s Turnberry resort (Instagram)

On Wednesday, Politico reported that Eric Trump issued a statement attacking Patrick Harvie, the leader of the Scottish Greens, for spearheading an investigation by the Scottish Parliament into how the Trump family acquired their golf property in the country.

"Patrick Harvie is nothing more than a national embarrassment with his pathetic antics that only serve himself and his political agenda," said Eric. "If Harvie and the rest of the Scottish government continue to treat overseas investors like this, it will deter future investors from conducting business in Scotland, ultimately crushing their economy, tourism and hospitality industries."

Scottish officials first debated invoking "unexplained wealth orders" to investigate the Trump family in November.

"First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has previously said that any investigation is the responsibility of Police Scotland and the Crown Office. More recently, in January Sturgeon said it was a matter for Scotland's Lord Advocate," said the report. "Wednesday's debate will be followed by a vote. While it is not binding, it would put significant pressure on Sturgeon to seek an UWO."

The Trump Turnberry golf resort has been the center of multiple controversies, including an investigation into whether Air Force stopovers in Scotland were being made to increase bookings at the property.