Trump supporter harasses Arizona shop that provides wigs to people undergoing cancer treatment
Ethan Schmidt. (

A notorious anti-mask crusader has directed a harassment campaign against an Arizona wig shop that serves cancer patients.

Sunny's Hair and Wigs specializes in making wigs for women who lost their hair during cancer treatment, and the Mesa store's owner requires customers to wear masks to protect those particularly vulnerable clients against possible coronavirus infection, reported the Daily Mesa News.

"My customer base is very diverse," said owner Lisa Memberr. "Not only do I have Caucasians, I have Afro-Americans, I have Asians, I have Latin Americans."

But her mask policy has apparently drawn the ire of anti-masker Ethan Schmidt, who travels around the state targeting businesses that still require customers to wear masks and claiming that he's the victim of discrimination.

The 23-year-old Schmidt has been suspended from social media platforms for spreading coronavirus misinformation, but not before directing his followers toward Sunny's -- even after employees explained that chemotherapy treatment weakens the immune system.

Schmidt, a Donald Trump supporter based in Scottsdale, operates the "Antimaskers Club" Facebook page and solicits donations through cash apps.