Michigan councilwoman under fire for 'ghetto' comment to Black colleague: report
Eva Worthing (Phoro via Flint City Council 9th Ward)

According to a report from MLive, a white Flint, Michigan city councilwoman is apologizing for using the racially-charged word "ghetto" during a heated discussion with a Black colleague.

The report notes that 9th Ward Councilwoman Eva Worthing muttered the comment under her breath during a hearing on Wednesday, but was overheard and confronted over it.

Fox News reports, "The dispute started over whether a council member could amend a resolution related to public hearings, which some council members contended was out of order with the agenda."

During the back and forth, Worthing reportedly uttered the slur which led council member Tonya Burns to state, "Really? That's a racist term. Don't say 'ghetto,'" before adding, "Point of information, madam chair. I think it is a personal attack to say 'getting ghetto.'"

The report notes that Chairwoman Jerri Winfrey-Carter admonished Worthing, saying, "... all of the ad libs from Councilwoman Worthing, it's unnecessary. And to have said what she said was unnecessary... she was out of order, point blank," to which Worthing responded, "You chose to threaten me in some way, so I thought that was inappropriate, Ms. Winfrey-Carter, so if you had not said there would have been no reaction. When you're a chair, you should be professional and treat everyone the same."

Since then, Worthing has apologized in a statement saying, "It was a knee-jerk reaction. I said, ‘That’s ghetto’ under my breath," adding that she felt "threatened" by Winfrey-Carter.

According to MLive's Ron Fonger, Worthing has taken to Facebook to complain that she has been under attack for years, writing, "I have been called a nasty white woman, my children and occupation have been brought up and my white privilege has been mentioned solely to degrade my opinions,” later adding, "No one can tell ME how I used that term but me and it is NOT a term that is inherently racist. I normally do not use language like that in the first place. I am angry at myself ... I wish I had handled this better. I am very hard on myself. I’m still upset about it today. However, this one moment does not define me. I will continue to work hard for the residents of my ward.”

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