Evangelical pastor warns people are taking QAnon as a religion: We're no match for '24 hours of Facebook'
QAnon conspiracy theorists attend a Trump rally (Screen cap).

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," Russell Moore, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention who has warned evangelical pastors are "exhausted" trying to combat QAnon conspiracy theories, told anchor Erin Burnett that people are turning to QAnon as a new religion — and the challenges of preventing congregants from falling down the rabbit hole.

"It is a situation where conspiracy theories are going through not just churches, but the entire community," said Moore. "As a Christian, I am concerned about this because we are people of truth, and we are people supposed to be looking for truth revealed by the words of God, not conspiracy theories around social media."

"What do you tell when pastors call you and they talk about this, and there are people believing pedophiles are running the world?" asked Burnett. "How are they supposed to talk to people who believe that and get them to understand that's not reality?"

"What I try to tell them is, figure out whether the person is confused or whether this is someone who bought in the full package of some sort of ideology, and one would handle those things differently," said Moore. "There are some people who just hear something and saying, what do I believe? And then there are others who are looking for a kind of belonging that they are finding on social media or somewhere else, and that is dangerous. Especially, pastors only have access to people maybe an hour or three hours a day, that's nothing compares to 24 hours a day from Facebook."

"A lot of it is coming from pastors who are saying to me they have adult children who are worried about their parents, which is an unusual situation," added Moore. "These are children saying they are worried about their parents and what they have been involved in."

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