'People will die': Congress blasted for failing on eviction moratorium — then going on 7-week vacation
Homeless man with sign (Shutterstock)

The Democratic-led Congress was blasted on Friday for going on vacation after failing to protect renters before a Saturday deadline.

"House Democrats on Friday failed to push through a last-minute extension of the federal eviction moratorium that expires Saturday, leaving town for a seven-week recess without holding a vote," NBC News reported. "About a dozen House Democrats opposed the measure and were unwilling to budge, two senior Democratic aides told NBC News."

The sponsor of the renter protection legislation, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reportedly disagreed about holding a public vote.

"Waters wanted a vote, which would have allowed progressive activists to blame specific Democratic lawmakers for its failure, while Pelosi didn't want to expose some of her caucus members to the wrath of the base, according to the second aide," NBC News reported. "Ultimately, the effort died when Majority Leader Steny Hoyer tried to pass the measure by unanimous consent — a process that doesn't require a vote — and a Republican member objected."

The House of Representatives is not scheduled to be in session until September 20th.

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