Trump-loving priest ousted after performing exorcisms aimed at overturning election results

The power of Christ apparently couldn't compel officials to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election -- but that didn't stop one Trump-loving pastor from trying.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the Trump-supporting Rev. John Zuhlsdorf has left his post at the Diocese of Madison after he conducted exorcisms aimed at stopping President Joe Biden from taking office.

Zuhlsdorf got himself into trouble when he claimed that Madison Catholic Bishop Donald Hying had given him permission to perform the election-related exorcisms, which Hying said is flatly not true.

According to international weekly Catholic news magazine The Tablet, Zuhlsdorf posted videos of his exorcisms on YouTube in which he seemed to be trying to cast evil spirits out of Dominion voting machines.

"As exorcists will confirm, the demons are very good with electronic equipment," he reportedly said during a January 5th exorcism, which has since been deleted from YouTube.

Shortly after his departure, Zuhlsdorf wrote a cryptic blog post in which he decried "cancel culture" overtaking the church, while also lashing out at what he described as "Catholic antifa."