‘Extraordinarily damning’ Cuomo investigation reveals how governor created a ‘twilight zone’ for his victims: MSNBC analyst
Andrew Cuomo holds briefing on COVID-19 (CNN/screen grab)

MSNBC's Lisa Green found the evidence against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo "extraordinarily damning," and felt sympathy for the government employees he's accused of harassing.

New York Attorney General Letitia James determined the Democratic governor had broken state and federal law by harassing multiple women, including employees in his own office, and the MSNBC legal analyst pointed out that Cuomo's own office had strengthened rules against workplace harassment.

"Letitia James, really bold in her lane today, and stopped short of pushing the matter further, making the point that her investigation was done," Green said. "Criminal charges could be brought not by the attorney general general's office, and when you intersect the politics and the law, I wonder if that will ever happen unless one of the women come forward, but make no mistake this was an extraordinarily damning indictment of an office, that in 2019 had issued its own stronger harassment protections for employees"

"Imagine the twilight zone these women felt they were working in," she added. "They're being harassed by the governor, and when they try to get some compensation, to complain about what's happening, they hit a brick wall."

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