Faith healer allegedly hammers nail into woman's head to prevent her from giving birth to another girl

A pregnant woman in Pakistan was so desperate not to have a daughter that she consulted a faith healer, whose remedy left her with a nail stuck protruding from her head, The Daily Beast reports.

When the woman showed up to a hospital with bleeding from her skull, she claimed to be the one who hammered the nail into her own skull, but doctors were unconvinced. The doctors posted pictures of the woman's injury online, prompting police to search for the “aamil,” or faith healer.

"Peshawar police, who tweeted a photo of the pregnant woman’s skull with the nail intact, say they are using CCTV footage to try to to retrace the woman’s steps from the hospital to find the culprit," The Daily Beast reports. "She left the facility immediately after the nail was removed."

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Police are also wondering why the doctors did not immediately alert authorities despite the fact that the woman was bleeding and “in immense pain.”

“She said that a woman in her locality did the same [hammered a nail] and gave birth to a boy even though the ultrasound had shown her unborn child to be a girl,” the doctor told reporters. “They tried to remove it at home, but could not.”

The woman told police that her husband threatened to leave her if she had another daughter.