Wisconsin republican
Kelly Ruh, ousted Wisconsin alderperson (Photo: Facebook)

A woman who was among a group of fake electors who sought to overturn the 2020 results was defeated in a Tuesday election in Wisconsin.

Kelly Ruh was one of several Republican candidates across the country running for local office on a platform that the 2020 election was stolen and that Joe Biden is not the elected president. Her problem is that she was running for reelection in her alderperson position in the city of De Pere.

An alderperson represents citizens at the city level, not in Congress or with the federal government. Chicago's City Council, for example, is made up of 50 alderpersons. They serve under the mayor.

But Ruh had higher ambitions, seeking to thwart the 2020 election as a fake elector in official documents sent to be counted on Jan. 6. She is one of 84 people who are falling under the inspection of the Department of Justice after it was discovered some electors intentionally tried to confuse the counting with their own mock paperwork. In the case of Arizona's fake electors, they used the official seal of the state, which is against the law.

Ruh faced off against a poll worker, who told voters she wouldn't press her power to try and change an election.

“I promise not to use my position to influence any national elections or support conspiracies,” the opponent, Pamela Gantz, told Bolts. “I promise to keep it local and promote fair and free elections for our community.”

“Our campaign was about restoring trust in our local officials and focusing on the local issues that matter to us as a community,” she said.

The local race has become the target of a right-wing conspiracy because the city accepted a grant from a non-profit organization that helped run the 2020 election. There are similar grants all over the U.S., which can help purchase pens, paper, machines or any other necessities voters might need. It would normally come from taxpayer dollars

Ruh took the added step of suing the state of Wisconsin to stop Green Bay from taking the free money.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette also reported that two other candidates suffered an overwhelming loss on a platform pushing the "Big Lie."

"Leanne Cramer and Kimber Rollin, who last year filed an ethics complaint against the Green Bay mayor over the 2020 election, were seeking seats on the board of supervisors of Brown County, which includes Green Bay," said the report.

See the full piece in Bolts.

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