WATCH: Dr. Fauci takes down Fox News host who accuses him of 'aggressiveness' toward Trump
Fox News/screen grab

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday scolded a Fox News host who tried to grill him on his alleged "aggressiveness" toward former President Donald Trump.

The confrontation came during an interview on Fox News with hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino.

At one point in the interview, Perino noted that Fauci had complained about his former boss to The New York Times.

"I know that those questions are irresistible for reporters to ask," Perino admitted. "But is there a law of diminishing returns to continue to answer the questions about that relationship if the crisis is as acute as you say?"

"I agree with you, Dana," Fauci replied. "After that interview, I said to myself, we've really got to look forward and ahead and just put that behind us. I totally agree with you. So looking forward, I'm really not enthusiastic at all about reexamining what happened back then rather than looking forward to what we need to do now."

"That's a fair answer," Hemmer interrupted, inserting himself into the interview.

"I heard a lot of interviews with you over the weekend," the Fox News host continued. "It just seems like there's this aggressiveness toward the Trump administration -- I mean, you're the most respected man in America on this topic. Why do you even feel the obligation to answer these questions?"

"And when you were at the White House, no one prevented you from talking," Hemmer added. "Did they?"

"No, that's why I got into trouble," Fauci revealed.

"What do you mean?" Hemmer pressed.

"Well it wasn't happy about some of the things that I said," Fauci said before observing that Hemmer was trying to force him to answer the very types of questions that he was being criticized for entertaining.

"Again, we're getting in to rehashing it again," the doctor pointed out. "I think we should do what Dana just suggested. Namely, put that behind us and take a look at the problems we have ahead."

Hemmer responded by retreating from his question.

"At 9:37 on this Tuesday morning, January 26th, we will mark this moment," Hemmer said. "I'm ready to move on with you as well."

Watch the video below from Fox News.