FBI arrests Capitol rioter two weeks after he had armed standoff with local police
(DOJ Photos)

A Providence man who authorities say engaged police in an armed standoff earlier this month has been charged with having attacked a Capitol Police officer with a broken wooden table leg at the January 6 Capitol riot, the Providence Journal reported.

Timothy Desjardins, 35, was charged with engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon, among other charges, the Department of Justice reported.

The FBI complaint cited video showing “Desjardins was observed assaulting (a Capitol Police officer) using what appeared to be an object that resembles the size of a broken wooden table leg that is captured in YouTube videos. (The officer’s bodycam) captured multiple strikes by Desjardins, including a strike shortly after another rioter threw a table at the officers…during this time, the law enforcement officers were also being assaulted by a crowd of other violent rioters.”

The FBI reported it first interviewed Desjardins on January 7.

“During the interview, Desjardins stated that he was there (presumably referring to the United States Capitol) but would not go into detail. At the time, Desjardins had one or two hatchets with paracord wrapped handles on the side of his dark colored backpack and Desjardins mentioned that he was good with them.”

But there was also this: “Desjardins was allowed to leave after the officer determined that there were no active wants or warrants for Desjardins at that time.”

That has changed. The report stated that “the FBI located known images of Desjardins from his Rhode Island driver’s license and a set of Providence, Rhode Island, booking and correctional institution photos from October 2021.”

The Providence Journal reported on the altercations that led to Desjardins’ arrest beginning with the standoff at his “We the People Barbershop,” according to police. “At the time, he was free on $100,000 surety bail after police alleged he shot a man in the Walgreen's parking lot on Sept. 26 after a confrontation,” the newspaper reported.

In that case, police had accused Desjardins of firing a shot that grazed the head of a man in an altercation “involving the two men's complaints about each other's driving in the lot of the pharmacy,” the Journal had reported. As to the current court proceedings, there was this from the newspaper:

“In asking that Desjardins be held without bail, a prosecutor noted that the .357 caliber gun he used in that alleged assault outside the Federal Hill pharmacy had not been recovered and that he has a criminal record in Maine that includes robbery.

“Investigators said they recovered a .38 caliber handgun after the standoff that Desjardins had twice pointed at officers before being taken into custody. The police also said they seized 194 rounds of ammunition at his apartment.

“District Court Judge J. Terence Houlihan Jr. ordered him held without bail as an alleged probation violator and he remains held at the Adult Correctional Institutions.

“Secretary of State records indicate that Desjardins organized We the People Barbershop LLC Aug. 16.”

You can read the FBI arrest complaint here.