Donald Trump's one-time top Russia adviser is comparing him to a "flasher" who "revealed" himself to normalize outrageous behavior.

In her new book, "There's Nothing for You Here," Fiona Hill writes that Trump's behavior — including his "big lie" that the 2020 election was stolen — represents "the political equivalent of flashing that women had to put up with in the UK."

"Trump revealed himself, and people just got used to it," writes Hill, a British-American.

On Wednesday, CNN co-host John Berman asked Hill to elaborate on the metaphor.

"I'm never going to be able to get that image out of my head now," Berman said after reading the passage comparing Trump to a flasher.

"Well, I can't," Hill responded. "That (getting flashed) happened to me so many times as a kid. This was kind of what I thought when I saw it again. Somebody does something outrageous, but it happens so often, and people in other positions of authority don't question it. They don't say, 'Wow, what are they doing here?' And the fact that vice president Pence, someone who could have been severely injured or even killed on Jan. 6 by the mob basically calling for him to be hung, is now saying, 'There's nothing to look at here, it's all fine.' This is exactly an example of what I was talking about, the normalization of violence, or the normalization of something abusive."

Watch CNN's full interview with Hill below.

Fiona Hill on CNN's New Day