Fired Fox News editor: 'I became a target of murderous rage' from Trump fans after Arizona Biden call
Chris Stirewalt appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt has revealed that he became the target of "murderous rage" from supporters of former President Donald Trump after he correctly called the 2020 presidential election in Arizona for President Joe Biden.

In an editorial published for the Los Angeles Times, Stirewalt decried the way that partisan media had become a tool solely to feed viewers pleasing information while shielding them from inconvenient realities.

"Having been cosseted by self-validating coverage for so long, many Americans now consider any news that might suggest that they are in error or that their side has been defeated as an attack on them personally," wrote Stirewalt, who was fired from Fox News shortly after the end of the 2020 election. "The lie that Trump won the 2020 election wasn't nearly as much aimed at the opposing party as it was at the news outlets that stated the obvious, incontrovertible fact."

Stirewalt also discussed the toll this took on him personally.

"When I defended the call for Biden in the Arizona election, I became a target of murderous rage from consumers who were furious at not having their views confirmed," he wrote.

He concluded by arguing that this kind of news consumption was what led to the January 6th riots in which "a mob of enthusiastic ignoramuses" attacked the United States Capitol building.